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About us

Welcome to Mediums and Psychics!
You are looking for reliable, discreet and professional multilingual mediums, psychics, spiritual coaches, healers, therapists out there and on standby  every  day for you? Then you are welcome with your questions which are answered in a responsible ethical way through clairhearing, clairsentience, clair cognizant and clairaudient. 
In concrete terms, the different ways that clarity is given to your questions is given through a great diversity of cardreadings (including Angels cards, Tarot, Celtic Cartomancy, shamans and Lenormand animal cards, stone lectures, etc ...), automatic writing channeling, numerology, astrology ... Through this approach we can formulate answers to questions about yourself, your relationship(s), work, finances, health advice (no medical diagnosis), hypersensitivity and highly sensitivity, new time children , ascensionphenomena , spiritual transformation and growth and so much more.
You choose consciously for a spiritual advice line because you like this channel to answer  your questions, to bring your  story, you need a sympathetic ear, to call someone without judgment, with a  clear look at a situation so you can make a choice, you can receive a distance healing (also for children  and pets) You may receive a message through the medium of a deceased loved one (if this is possible in the time of the question), you can also ask  questions about your own  spiritual growth and so much more. Read the profile of a consultant before  you call or chat, so you don't have to lose time and credits to questions like, "are you a medium, what do you do, what can you  do, etc. .. '’
Mediums and Psychics guarantee a highly ethical code.  In practice this means that consultants don’t make  medical diagnosis or make statements on a medical plane, they predict no death, do not practice rituals to bring people closer together or to drift them apart! 
You don't have to look any further ... for Mediums and Psychics owes its growing success to the commitment of an experienced team, each member with its own gifts, qualities, skills and professional background. All employees are screened according to the stated qualifications for both the call - as well for the chat line, so that clients can search for the consultant (s) who is ( are ) suited to help them further.
You can choose for Mediums and Psychics to call or to chat, through credits that you first need to buy. A plus point for Mediums and Psychic is that you get to hear when your credits are almost used up, so that the conversation can take an end  in a quiet way! Mediums and Psychics, keeps the rates for both the call- as the chatline democratic and affordable, in addition, you decide when you end the call or chat.  If you choose the chat line you can also print out the conversation and read the printed version afterwards. Mediums and Psychics is ideally suited to fulfill the needs and  expectations of our clients and herein is this spiritual line unique, credible, reliable and functional on a high level.
Mediums and Psychics, the most versatile all-round spiritual topline for the new time for you! 
Feel free at all times to contact us!
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