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My name is Aïsha, an experienced intuitive tarot reader in love, (family) relationships, career, finances and spiritual questions. You can contact me for any questions regarding soulmates, finding a new job or any other personal problems.
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About Aïsha

I am an intuitive tarot reader and can answer questions related to love, life, career, (family) relationships and other personal problems. I can also take a deeper look at your spiritual path in life and possible blockages you might be experiencing spiritually/energetically.

Through my tarot readings and angels I am being guided towards the messages which are meant for you, so I can enlighten your heart with positivity again and give you the answers you`re seeking for. My goal is to answer any questions that you might have and give you the needed guidance in the right direction in life.

Skills: Coaching, Read cards, Lenormand cards, Tarot cards, Fortune teller
Languages: Nederlands, English

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