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Angels function as a bridge

Angels function as a bridge.... Angels are winged, spiritual beings. The word "angel" derives from Greek and literally means "messenger."

Angels function as a bridge.... Angels are winged, spiritual beings. The word "angel" derives from Greek and literally means "messenger."
Angels act as a bridge between our world and the spiritual world. They are immortal beings of pure consciousness and exist beyond time and space. The love that you experience from an angel is pure, unconditional and even unexpected.

The difference between angels and guides is that guides also had lives on Earth, just like us but angels did not.
Also among angels there is a certain hierarchy.
The best known angels to us are archangels who became known to us by the appearance of angel Gabriel to mother Mary.
Archangels are the result of the 3rd order just like angels, guardian angels and governments.
Archangels are messengers who help us in our spiritual development. Angels and guardian angels are the closest to us and encourage, inspire, guide and protect us. Our personal helper or guardian is a good example of this. Governments have the task to encourage groups of people positively.

The middle order consists of dominions, powers and forces. Dominions are the counsellors and helpers of all angels. Powers guide lost souls back to their paths and stimulate our faith in ourselves. Forces control the laws of nature and transmit positive energy to us when we need it.
The 1st or highest order consists of thrones, cherubim and seraphim. Thrones represent strength and power. Seraphim are those which are located closest to God and are therefore the most evolved. They work with music and sounds. Cherubim on the other hand work with light and colour. These are the angels who stand for the knowledge and wisdom of God.
Guides accompany at times....

Everyone has guides with him or her during their life on earth. You have a personal guide, also called a head guide or guardian angel, who has chosen you to accompany you during your life at times when they feel that you need someone. Your personal guide is with you from birth to the moment you die. This guide never changes and remains the same.
If you have several guides with you, the other guides are lead guides. They are mostly deceased people who you have known in this life and they will support you for a certain period or at certain times. They don’t only lead you at that time, but that moment of assistance to you, is a learning process or growth for themselves. When that particular period is over, they go away.
Guides exist on an astral level just like any other creatures which include entities and angels.
It may well be that you will hear a special message from your guide through a certain voice in your head. But, unfortunately most people are unaware of this.
Most of our mediums have contact through their guides and get information through them.

Date: 03-06-'17

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