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Astro advice through astrology

Astro advice through astrology. Real astrologers who want to provide Astro-advice and who want to work for our clairvoyant help and advice line are more than welcome to join us.

Astro advice through astrology. Real astrologers who want to provide Astro-advice and who want to work for our clairvoyant help and advice line are more than welcome to join us.
Astrology is an ancient science.
Astrology explains the energies between the universe and planets accurately.
Everything in life and death is affected by the energies available in the universe. Clearly this has an impact and effect on our planet.
Example: The Moon controls the water on Earth, tides, and further changes of the water. Man is made up of 75% water. The moon is very important in astrology to show its influence on our feelings and emotions. The moon is a very variable and changeable planet. The moon sometimes rotates fast and sometimes more regular. Because she is closest to the Earth, the effect is immediately noticeable, but passes quickly too.

Our feelings are quite similar, very variable and changeable. This example is one of the effects that the Universe has on us.
Each planet in its own right has influences and effects on us accompanied by certain conditions. Astrology combines all this information and thus forms for each person a unique whole.
A study astrology is not a weekend or a six day course. Astrology is a study in itself for years. You can follow different study programs such as: Spiritual astrology, psychological astrology, medical astrology, karmic astrology, etc.

A real astrologer can give Astro-advice, but as a rule there are many charlatans who call themselves astrologers and don’t give the Astro-advice that you've asked for. Also on the Astro-lines there are many charlatans who call themselves astrologer, these ‘astrologers’ are obviously not welcome at Clairvoyant available.

Clairvoyant available only works with psychics, mediums, tarot card readers, etc. who are ready to provide you with an honest Astro-advice.
Real astrologers are very welcome at Clairvoyant available!
Astrology and the difference between astrology and astronomy.
Astrology is one of the oldest methods used to study the position of the planets. Even though astrology is not a recognized as an official science there were already astrologers in the time of the Greeks who studied the position of the planets.

Astrology is used by many psychics and mediums to calculate a horoscope. This can be a birth -, weekly - or monthly horoscope. Here we look at the position of the planets that apply to that person relating to his birth date and horoscope that covers that particular period.
Today there are very many types of horoscopes offered everywhere concerning star signs and even though you can relate to certain things yourself easily, these horoscopes are just a small part of what astrology can offer in reality.
It is better to have a personal horoscope made up and calculated using a psychic or medium. This is solely for you and for you only and in this horoscope, you can find more answers that truly and solely only apply to you.

Astronomy and the difference between astronomy and astrology.
Astronomy is a science that deals with the study of the universe. This not only involves the study of the stars and galaxies in the universe, but also the planets of our own solar system.
Astronomy has been derived from Greek, meaning 'knowledge of the stars.
The difference between astronomy and astrology is that astronomy is a recognized science and astrology is not. Astrology also only looks at the position of the planets and astronomy revolves solely around the science of the stars and planets.

The astrologers at Clairvoyant available are here to help you!

Date: 03-06-'17

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