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Most psychics aren’t rich. This goes against the grain of what the media likes to claim quite a lot of the time, and we don’t speak up or disagree with it except in private as a rule, but I’d like to change the rules a bit today

Fortune-teller online and standardized ritual

Fortune-teller online and standardized ritual. At Clairvoyant available you contact a fortune-teller online to gain insight into a question or situation through a standardized process or ritual.

Angels function as a bridge

Angels function as a bridge.... Angels are winged, spiritual beings. The word "angel" derives from Greek and literally means "messenger."

Energy fields

Energy fields. Chakras are the energy centres of our body and means wheel in Sanskrit. Chakras got that name because they look like a kind of energetic funnel, as if a wheel is turning around.

Astro advice through astrology

Astro advice through astrology. Real astrologers who want to provide Astro-advice and who want to work for our clairvoyant help and advice line are more than welcome to join us.

When are you psychic?

When are you psychic? And what does it mean? We often hear about the spiritual world and these days it’s developing exceptional

Psychics online are people too

Psychics online are people too. People with psychic abilities are called psychics in everyday life. The most famous psychic abilities are clairvoyance, hearing

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