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Medium Donna

Tarot, Psychic & Spiritual Advisor I am here to answer all your burning questions.
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About Medium Donna

I know what it’s like to feel stuck, confused and a little lost sometimes, I’ve been there! It’s what inspired me to go on this journey and use my gifts to help others. I’m a natural born, highly trained Spiritual Life Coach and guide providing honest and accurate messages of guidance.

I take great pride in helping others heal and grow.
As a life long intuitive and healer I’m honored to play a role in your healing and development. During my sessions, I work with your guides providing you with channeled messages that they feel you and I are worthy of receiving. Messages to help you overcome obstacles in this complex journey and for you to hopefully become the best version of yourself!

My goal at the end of every session is for you to have hope. Hope to inspire and hope to uplift you.

Skills: Allround, Coaching, Photo reading, Read cards, Magnetize, Medium, Relationship coach, Tarot cards, Gypsy cards
Languages: Nederlands, English


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